Why Homeowners Use RefreshCo For Their Home Cleaning In Atlanta

March 10, 2022 by Yohan

Why Homeowners use RefreshCo for their home cleaning in Atlanta

Since the beginning, our goal at RefreshCo has been to serve our clients by making their lives easier. Cleaning is something that everyone does and the majority struggle with, which is why we decided to tackle the cleaning industry to make a change. As we spoke with our clients many dreaded the lack of technology, professionalism, and quality of cleaning that were experienced with other services in the past. 


When we were born about one year ago we set out on a mission to change people’s lives by taking on their home cleaning. Homeowners like yourself decided to go with us because of our easy booking system, the fact that we are tech-enabled, and because our focus is making their lives easier. 


Easy Booking System


The beauty of working with RefreshCo is that you can schedule your appointment in 60 seconds on our ease of use booking page. On the booking page, you insert the specifics of your cleaning, your address and select a date and time you want your cleaning pros to arrive. It is that simple to schedule your cleaning. Of course, you can still call and speak to one of our customer happiness reps to get on the books. 


Tech Enabled Cleaning Service 


Clients in the past experienced issues with communication with previous companies. At RefreshCo we use technology to send service reminders and allow you to change any specifics with your cleaning by logging into your account and making the switch. 


Our Focus Is Making Our Clients Lives Easier 


Once you enter the RefreshCo family, we will be the go-to for all of your cleaning. Once our customers allow us to take on all their cleaning we inform them of the exclusive services that we also offer but only to the RefreshCo family. Once inside RefreshCo, we will be your one-stop-shop for home cleaning, carpet cleaning, exterior cleaning and even provide you with products that make your life easier. 



Here is John and he is inside the RefreshCo inner circle. Hear what he has to say about working with us!




If you are interested in more information on how we can assist you with your home cleaning either give us a call or directly schedule your cleaning with the link below!