What You Need To Know For Your Spring Cleaning

March 29, 2022 by Yohan

Here are the spring cleaning FAQS


Spring is now upon us! That means it is time for some deep, deep cleaning. Spring cleaning is super important because the transition from winter to spring leaves surfaces a different type of dirty and they require treatment! Some love to take on their spring cleaning themselves but using a spring residential cleaning service in Atlanta could be of major help. In this article, we will be going over a few questions you may have regarding your spring cleaning. 


What is best to do for spring cleaning?


To tackle your spring cleaning, having a game plan and setting time aside are super important. To get the most out of your cleaning we recommend following the steps below. 


  1. Make a list of all the rooms that you need to clean 


  1. Declutter/organize each room and closet

Go through each room and remove trash, clothes, old items and make piles to keep and throw away. It is best to go into the rest of spring in summer decluttered! This means putting away winter clothes and making room for new items by tossing the old ones. 


Rooms to declutter


Kitchen cabinets 




Bathroom closets 

Bathroom medicine cabinets 


  1. Deep Clean! 

Once you have decluttered all the rooms in your home it’s now time for the fun part! Get all your cleaning supplies together, roll up your sleeves and start a top to bottom cleaning approach in every room. 

Your approach to cleaning should look something like this 


  1. Dusting 

You should begin dusting each room from top to bottom. That means starting with ceiling fans, lights, door frames to countertops, furniture fixtures and eventually dusting off the baseboards. 


  1. Vacuuming 

This step is optional and can be saved for last. But, At RefreshCo a residential cleaning service In Atlanta, one of our methods is to vacuum up dust and debris for finishing the rest of the cleaning just in case water is on the floor after scrubbing. 


  1. Scrubbing 

Get out your scrubber brushes, magic erasers, or microfiber cloths! The next step is to wipe down and scrub your surfaces and furniture. The areas that will need the most scrubbing are likely your bathroom (toilet and shower), kitchen, and baseboards. After you finish with your good scrub, wipe down each surface to dry.


  1. Lastly! Mopping and potentially vacuuming again 

Now is the time to bring out the mop and make the floors shine. When you mop each room we recommend making a new bucket of mop water or changing the pads if you are using something similar to a Swiffer mop. In some cases, you may have to vacuum again if any crumbs/dust you missed from the first vacuuming session appears. 


When should you start with your deep cleaning?


The best time to start deep cleaning is when the weather begins to warm. You are able to open the windows and let the breeze in which knocks out some of the dust that accumulated over the winter months. 


Is spring cleaning healthy for you?


Yes, Spring Cleaning is healthy for you and has many benefits for you but here are the top three that homeowners notice the most! 

  1. It protects the immune system

Doing spring cleaning and following it up with regular cleaning reduces the chances of any germs continuing to live on any surfaces in your home. So that means your immune system is protected because the germs are not there to get you. 


  1. It improves focus and mood

A cluttered and dirty home can make you cranky. A lot of homeowners are not aware of this but when things are in your way or not clean it affects you in a major way. Having a decluttered and clean home brings peace and serenity. 


  1. It deters bugs and rodents

Bugs and rodents live on the crumbs in your home. When you keep your floors clean and the rest of the home spotless this over time will deter the rodents and bugs right out of your home. 


How to start deep cleaning?


To start deep cleaning we recommend scheduling one to two days in your schedule to do your deep cleaning. Start with our steps above and simply get to cleaning. If cleaning is too hard for you or you just rather not do it, then give us a call! At RefreshCo residential cleaning service in Atlanta, spring cleaning is one of our focuses. We can assist you with not only decluttering your space but also providing it with the deep cleaning that it needs. If you are interested in how we can assist you with your spring cleaning give us a call by clicking the link below!