What Is The Best Service For You?

March 11, 2022 by Yohan


Not sure what type of cleaning would be best for you? In this article we will inform you of what types of cleanings would be best for different types of situations. 


Choosing a house cleaning service in Atlanta is a major step forward but sometimes it can be challenging. Once the cleaners arrive the only thing you can say is “I just want you to clean but once they finish you were a little let down because they did not educate you on the best type of cleaning for your situation.” In this guide, you will know exactly what you need based on your unique situation and when you decide to go with a house cleaning company in Atlanta you will be smiling ear to ear because you took control of your cleaning. 


 Home is generally clean but having friends and family over 


For a situation like this, a one-time standard or deep cleaning may be the best option for you. With a one-time cleaning, the cleaners will come to refresh your home and get out of your hair. In situations like this, you will normally provide them with instructions of specifics that you want to be done with your cleaning or just allow the professionals to take care of you. 



Home is a complete wreck 


In the case that your home is a wreck, heavy-duty cleaning may be the best option for you. If your home is a wreck it is best to inform the cleaning service first by providing photos or having them do a walk-through so they understand what needs to be done. If you allow them to walk into a complete mess they can be ill-equipped and do a poor job which leaves everyone unhappy 🙁 



My schedule is jam packed I have no time to clean 


If you are busy either with the kids or with the special projects at work, putting your cleaning on autopilot will be an awesome option for you. With recurring cleaning, the cleaners will come either on a monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly basis. You are normally paired with the same cleaner so they understand your home and your expectations. This allows you as a homeowner to focus all your attention on more important things and constantly walk into a clean home! 


I am moving soon and need my house ready to go on the market 


Getting ready to move? Then a Move-in/Move-out is perfect for you. A Move-in/Move-out is a deep cleaning that includes many extra services that sometimes aren’t included in one-time or recurring services like inside the refrigerator, inside the oven, or windows. At RefreshCo House Cleaning Service In Atlanta, our Move-in/Move-out cleaning includes deep cleaning, inside your refrigerator, inside your oven, and inside your cabinets along with anything else you want to add. 



I just need my bathroom cleaned 


Sometimes a full home cleaning is not needed. In cases like this, an A la Carte cleaning is the best route to go. Cleaning services come out and offer services for just the specific rooms that you want to be cleaned, which is great because you don’t have to pay to have something touched that’s already cleaned! 



At RefreshCo House Cleaning Service In Atlanta, we offer all the services above. If you don’t see the certain situation you are in then give us a call and explain what you need to be done and we will help make your life easier. If you see your exact situation and you are ready to pass over your home cleaning either give us a call or book your cleaning below