The Different Types Of Home Cleaning Services You Can Get and Why They Are important

March 10, 2022 by Yohan

The Different Types Of Home Cleaning Services IN Atlanta You Can Get and Why They Are important!

So you’re interested in having your home cleaned? Having your home cleaned is a really great idea because it offers you so many different benefits. The thing is, what type of cleaning do you need and why would that cleaning be important? In this article we will explain the different types of services you can book with this Home Cleaning Service in Atlanta. Let’s go! 


You make it to Google and you find a few candidates you would like to reach out to for your home cleaning. The only thing now you may be wondering is “what type of cleaning do I actually need?” 


Home cleaning services in Atlanta offer many different types of services and here is a list of the most common services you can receive and the perfect scenarios they are important for. 


  • One Time Cleaning 

  • Recurring Cleaning 

  • Move-in/Move-out Cleaning 

  • A la Carte Cleaning 


 One Time Cleaning 


Let’s say that you regularly clean your home but this specific week is important because the inlaws are coming into town. A One Time Deep Cleaning may be the best fit so your home can be spotless. One Time Cleanings are perfect for those moments when your schedule is hectic and you simply have no time to clean. It can be a moment when you are having a party at your house and of course, you do a good job cleaning but hiring a company can take the stress off you and they will get those areas that you will miss. Another great event to hire a home cleaning service in Atlanta is when you’re getting your home ready for a showing. One Time Cleans are important when you are in a crunch and would prefer to save time and need your home cleaned to perfection. 


If saving time is something that most important to you then 


Recurring Clean


Recurring cleaning might be a great option for you. Recurring cleaning is a specialized service on either a monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly basis. The majority of clients who decide on recurring services are mostly parents and busy professionals with jammed-packed schedules. They prefer to be ahead of their cleaning and walk into a spotless home right before it gets dirty on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Some prefer a monthly deep clean which is perfect to keep their home free of germs and bacteria. Recurring Cleaning is important if your schedule is jam-packed and you’re ready to save more time and pass over your home cleaning so you can enjoy more time for yourself or with your family.



Move-in/Move-out Cleaning 


 When moving into or out of a place or handing the keys back to your landlord, cleaning can be one of the most stressful parts. Scheduling a Move-in/Move-out cleaning can be of value for you. Here is why hiring a cleaning service in Atlanta can cross cleaning off the to-do list while you’re in the process of moving. Being a highly productive person is not about doing the most work, it’s about being the most efficient. Being efficient in the moving process would be taking actions like hiring a home cleaning service in Atlanta. If you are a renter, leaving your old place spotless can guarantee you receiving your deposit back and depart stress-free. If you are moving into a new property cleaning is super important because everything should be cleaned and sanitized for your safety before settling in. 


 A la Carte Cleaning 


Lastly, if you only need specific rooms cleaned in your A la Carte cleaning is the option for you. This is for those who may need just a bathroom or a kitchen cleaned, not the entire home. Let’s say there was an accident in one room and it’s too much for you to clean. This is the perfect opportunity to hire a home cleaning service in Atlanta to take on the task for you but only in that specific room. 



RefreshCo is a home cleaning service that will take on all your cleaning. We offer all these services mentioned above! If you are in the process of moving or in need of recurring services RefreshCo can assist you. The process of working with us is super simple. We have a tech-enabled booking page that allows you to schedule your cleaning in 60 seconds or simply give us a call and our customer service happiness team will get you on the books.