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Are you a busy professional struggling to maintain a clean and fresh home? Atlanta’s residential cleaning services RefreshCo can be your savior. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the best solutions to keep your home spotless while juggling your professional commitments. Say goodbye to stress and hello to a clean, welcoming space.

The Challenges of Busy Professionals

Life as a busy professional in Atlanta can be hectic. Balancing work, social activities, and personal time often leaves little room for household chores. Your home deserves care and attention, but time constraints can make it challenging.

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If you’re a busy Airbnb host, you know how time-consuming and exhausting cleaning your property can be and how it is a critical part of your business. Your property’s cleanliness ensures that your guests feel comfortable and happy during their stay. Between guest turnovers and regular maintenance, cleaning can easily become a daunting task and take you away from other important aspects of your business. . Fortunately, there are several ways to automate your Airbnb cleaning process and make your life easier. In this article, we’ll explore 10 ways to automate your Airbnb cleaning, so you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying the fruits of your labor.

1. Invest in Smart Cleaning Tools To Automate Your Airbnb Cleaning

One of the best ways to automate your Airbnb cleaning is to invest in smart cleaning tools like modern vacuums, smart mops, and automated scrubbers. These tools can clean your floors, carpets, and other surfaces without your intervention, saving you time and energy. Investing in high-quality cleaning equipment will help you clean faster and more efficiently. Some essential items to invest in other than vacuums and mops include, microfiber cleaning cloths, and a HEPA air purifier for the property. Additionally, consider using cleaning solutions that are environmentally friendly, which not only keeps your guests safe but also contributes to sustainable tourism.


2. Stock Up on Essential Cleaning Supplies

Stocking up on essential cleaning supplies will help you save time and ensure that you’re always prepared for any cleaning tasks that come your way. Make sure you have enough cleaning solutions, paper towels, trash bags, and other essential supplies on hand. You can buy these supplies in bulk to save money and ensure that you never run out. 

3. Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

If you don’t have the time or energy to clean your Airbnb property yourself, you can hire a professional cleaning service like RefreshCo to do the job for you. This can be a great way to ensure that your property stays clean and well-maintained that allows you to grow your business. At RefreshCo we help hosts achieve a peace of mind by taking on their cleaning & laundry. You can schedule regular cleanings with the cleaning service to ensure that your property stays clean and well-maintained. If you are interested in learning more how RefreshCo can help you click here – How RefreshCo Can Help Me Automate My Airbnb Cleaning


4. Implement a Cleaning Schedule

To ensure that your Airbnb property stays clean and ready for the next guests, you can implement a cleaning schedule for yourself or your cleaning staff. This can be done manually or through a cleaning service management software. The best type of schedule to have is a deep cleaning schedule. Your properties should be scheduled for a deep clean every quarter and after guests that stayed between 15-30 days. 


5. Use Automated Laundry Systems

To streamline your laundry process, you can work with airbnb linen services. At RefreshCo we provide automated laundry services to our customers. Doing this saves your time and energy because you can ensure that your laundry is always fresh and clean. 


6. Automate Your Airbnb Cleaning Schedule With Technology

Many hosts will schedule their cleanings with a simple text. This can work but is not the most efficient. Scheduling your cleanings with software is an excellent way to automate your Airbnb cleaning process. By automating the scheduling this creates a sense of trust and responsibility with your staff or cleaning crew ensuring the cleaning is done on time. You can use scheduling apps like Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, or even the Airbnb app to schedule your cleaning tasks. At RefreshCo we completely automate our hosts cleaning schedule with our inhouse software that allows us to integrate with their PMS. 


7. Set Up Smart Locks

To make guest turnovers easier and more secure, you can set up smart locks on your Airbnb property. This will allow you, your staff or cleaning crew to access your property remotely, without the need for physical keys or lockboxes. Smart locks and security systems are a great investment for your Airbnb business, especially if you have multiple listings. Not only do they increase the safety of your guests, but they also help you automate your check-in and check-out process. By having smart locks installed, you can give your guests access codes that expire after their stay, eliminating the need for physical keys.


8. Provide Cleaning Supplies for Guests

To encourage guests to clean up after themselves and maintain your property, you can provide cleaning supplies like disposable wipes, cleaning sprays, and trash bags. This will make it easier for guests to clean up spills and messes without having to ask for help. This keeps your property intact longer by your cleaning crew not having to do intense cleanings constantly after messy guests. 


9. Use a Cleaning Checklist

One of the most effective ways to automate your Airbnb cleaning process is to create a cleaning checklist with your expectations. A cleaning checklist ensures that you don’t miss any important cleaning tasks and that your cleaning process is consistent every time. This can be a simple paper checklist or a digital one using apps like Trello, Asana, or even the Airbnb app itself. By using a checklist, you can delegate cleaning tasks to your cleaning crew and ensure that nothing is missed.


10. Implement a Guest Feedback System

Last but not least! Implementing a guest feedback system can help you improve your cleaning process and ensure that your guests are satisfied with their stay. You can use online review platforms like TripAdvisor or even send surveys to your guests after their stay. By collecting feedback from your guests, you can identify areas that need improvement and make necessary changes. 


In conclusion, automating your Airbnb cleaning process can help you save time, improve the efficiency of your cleaning process, and ensure that your guests are satisfied with their stay. By using the 10 strategies we’ve shared in this article, you can automate your cleaning process and focus on growing your business. Remember to use a cleaning checklist, invest in high-quality cleaning equipment, outsource your cleaning tasks, and schedule your cleaning tasks to ensure a spotless and efficient cleaning every time. If you are interested in learning how RefreshCo can help you automate your airbnb cleaning click the link below! 


Smart cleaning tools can range in price from affordable to expensive, depending on the brand and features. However, they can be a worthwhile investment if they save you time and energy. 

Automating your Airbnb cleaning process can help you save time, improve the efficiency of your cleaning process, and ensure that your property is always clean and ready for the next guests.

You can automate your check-in and check-out process by using smart locks, security systems and automated messaging.  Automated messaging is widely used in the hotel industry to ensure consistent and accurate information is being distributed to every guest and reservation.