3 Mind Blowing Reasons To Hire a Move in/Move out Cleaning Service In Atlanta

October 13, 2021 by Yohan

move in/move out cleaning service in Atlanta


You’ve spent a few weeks packing up your home or apartment, now it’s time for the big move! It’s only one more thing to do, clean it!


When moving into or out of a place, getting it ready to go on the market, or handing the keys back to your landlord, cleaning can be one of the most stressful parts.


Here are the 3 mind-blowing reasons why you should hire a professional move-in/move-out cleaning service in Atlanta.


#1 Moving is stressful and you value your time.


You’ve finally finished moving everything out of your old place, you walk back inside to see that it’s a complete mess! Now you have an immense amount of stress just looking at the dirty home. Hiring a move in/move out cleaning service in Atlanta can cross cleaning off the to-do while you’re in the process of moving. Being a highly productive person is not about doing the most work, it’s about being the most efficient. Being efficient in the moving process would be taking actions like hiring a professional moving or cleaning service to assist you during the move while you focus on the more important things. Time is the most valuable asset we have and hiring a cleaning company can save you an ample amount of time and stress.


#2 Saves you money if you’re a renter. 


Did you know that majority of leasing agreements require a deposit and have a clause that mentions that they will keep the deposit if the apartment or home is not to their cleaning standards? Like we have said, hiring a move in/move out cleaning service in Atlanta saves you time during the big move. But, if you live in an apartment building or have a landlord, hiring a move in/move out cleaning service in Atlanta can save you time and money! By hiring a cleaning company in Atlanta you can return the keys to your leasing agent or landlord and in exchange, you get your deposit back because the place is so clean.


#3 Moving into a new home and why you should get it cleaned.


You signed the papers for your new home or apartment, you walk in and see that it’s completely filthy. You’re already stressed from moving and cleaning your old place. Now you have to do it all over again for the new place, ughhhhh! On top of that, the new place is a total wreck from the last occupants because they were disgusting and the apartment did not hire professionals to clean. Most apartments or landlords hire the cheapest cleaners they can find that comes in and wipes everything down and leaves. When you move into a new property you need to properly clean and sanitize EVERYTHING. Bacteria lives in the smallest and unthinkable places. Imagine settling for the cleaning they gave you or worse you doing your own “deep clean”, then two days later you notice a slight cough. The majority of the time it could be from surfaces not being sanitized properly, you simply touched your face and now you have the you know what (THE VID). We wouldn’t that to happen to you or a loved one.


At RefreshCo our cleaning pros specialize in doing Move-in/Move-out cleanings in Atlanta. Not only do you save time by being able to book a cleaning in 60 seconds on our website. We will help relieve some stress by fully taking on the cleaning for your moving process. Find out exactly what the process is for your cleaning pros when they do your move-out cleaning and all the extras you can add on to customize your cleaning to fit your exact needs.


If you are in the process of moving and you’re stressed and can not even fathom doing the cleaning yourself…


We would love to assist you as we have helped so many others in the same position as you!

move in/move out cleaning service in Atlanta


move in/move out cleaning service in Atlanta


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