About us

Who we are


It was our founder’s Junior year at Morehouse College, he was looking to book a cleaning in the Atlanta area. While he was doing his Googles he noticed none of the companies had an easy booking feature. He had to call each company to receive a quote which they could not give over the phone. It was a major inconvenience and he was met with disappointment after disappointment when companies failed to show up for the walk through. This sparked the idea for RefreshCo. 



He thought if he had this issue that others must have had the exact same issue when trying to hire a cleaning service. He began to do research and found out that the majority of companies had the same structure. With the world moving so fast and people having to balance work, taking care of their family, and a social life, scheduling a cleaning service should be the last thing to inconvenience them. In his dorm room with his friend Aaron from Detroit RefreshCo was born. 



The foundation of RefreshCo is the 3 C’s, our customers, cleaners and community. 


Customers: The principle of making our clients’ lives easier by taking on all of their cleaning. 


Cleaners: We value the growth of our cleaners in life and business


community: We value connecting and serving our communities. 


We allow our customers to go directly to our website to schedule a cleaning or give us a call. They can add any extras to their order such as a refrigerator cleaning or pet hair clean up, set a date and time and allow us to come out and clean. Some of our clients loved the ease of use so much that they decided to put their cleaning on autopilot! by having us come out weekly while they go and spend time with their friends or family. They come home to a clean house and text us thank you, you saved my day.


We can do the same for you!



If you’re interested in having us take your cleaning off your hands book your cleaning click BOOK NOW or give us a call at 404-490-3712